Stop by during regular business hours to buy eggs by the dozen. $3.00


Check back for eggs in the Spring. The Hens are taking their Winter break now.

As summer moves into fall, the decrease in daylight signals the chicken's body to lay less eggs. Chickens naturally take a break in laying eggs in the winter and hens can slow down to one egg per week or cease laying all together. Some farms will provide artificial lighting to keep the hens producing. We do not, we allow our hens to take this natural break, we feel it is healthier for them.

Our hens have a very large fenced in yard area to Free Range, we feel that this allows them to enjoy much freedom, but also to be safe from predators or unwanted guests. They have access to housing, bushes to hide under and trees for shade to keep them cool in the summer. They also dig in the dirt, which gives them there needed dust baths. They are kept busy exploring the variety of vegetation, berries from bushes, fruit that falls from the fruit trees and lots of insects to try and catch. Once a day, we provide them with a high quality feed for additional protein and needed calcium for healthy egg laying. We also feed sunflower seeds, as a nutritious treat, once a day. And, of course, we provide a non-stop supply of fresh water.

They roost securely in their housing at night and we have solar motion sensor lights on top of their houses to scare off any predators or unwanted guests.